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BriskHeat® ACR®3 Hot Bonder

BriskHeat® ACR®3 Hot Bonder is the world’s most complete, all-in-one equipment to control localized heat sources for a wide variety of manufacturing and composite repair applications such as debulk and cure resins, prepregs, adhesives, fibers, and more. This equipment controls the heat and vacuum for on-the-spot composite and metal bond repairs / cures. Our Composite Bonder systems are portable and self-contained; allowing mobility for in the field repairs.


Ideal For:

   Composite Repair - Aviation Repair - Wind Turbine

   Blade Repair - Sporting goods - Automotive - Marine Repair


         ARC3 Base Hot Bonder Unit:

  • Single or dual zone

  • 8.4" (213mm) full-color touch-screen

  • Dual vacuum system: Built-in electric vacuum pump and vacuum venturi for each zone

  • Universal voltage: 100-130VAC, 200-240VAC

  • 30 amps output per heat zone

  • 10 thermocouple sensors per zone

  • Accepts J-type thermocouples

     Easy-To-Use Software on a Full-Color HD Touchscreen
  • Quick 3-step programming: Stores up to 30 programs on hot bonder

  • Easy-to-follow menu choices

  • Quick and easy data entry: Uses simple drop-down menus and a familiar QWERTY keyboard interface

  • Secure: Multiple levels of password protection


  • Multi-task: Perform several operations at once

  • Retains history of last 12 cures

  • Customized post cure analysis: Data logging intervals 1 to 99 minutes

  • Multiple language support: English, German, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin)

      Fast and Simple Data Transfer with USB Drive
  • Transfer and archive post cure data history to your PC

  • Instantaneously analyze your data on your spreadsheet and word processor programs including Microsoft® Excel® and Word®

  • Transfer your programs quickly from one bonder to another

  • Update your hot bonder easily with the latest software version for FREE.

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