TSL Aerospace strives to serve all composite needs, maintaining a minimum stock of 15 yards for many of the materials listed below. Request a quote from us to get your project complete ahead of schedule. 

Vacuum Bagging Films

We provide our complete line of vacuum bagging films such as HS8171 and SV2000.  Our supplier maintains a high level of stock on most sizes and configurations.  Available in sheet, tube, and v-fold in widths from 18" - 80".





Vacuum Bagging Sealant Tapes

Sealant tapes used to seal the vacuum bag to composite or metal tools.  We stock tapes idea for varying cure profiles ranging from economical room temperatures to 800degF.  Our tapes are designed and formulated to perform under high temperature and high pressure conditions.  We offer products in yellow, off-white and black.



Off White


Breather/Bleeder Cloth

We provide our complete line of Breather Bleeder cloth.  This bleeder and breather cloth can be used at presures up to 155psi.  Multi-directional conformability makes it a very efficient breather.  This cloth does not contain any binders which could seal off air flow.


4 oz, 7 oz 10 oz

1.8 oz

Perfect For Repairs 

Release Films

Our quality release film is specifically designed for composite manufacturing/repair processes where elevated temperatures and pressures are required.  It has excellent heat stability and long-term temperature rating up to 400 deg F  for standard cure cycles.  Rolls available in 48" and 60" widths in perforated and non-perforated configurations.





Flash Breaker Tapes

AWT7231/7232 is a 2.4 mil PET splicing tape with a silicone adhesive used in splicing, plating and other masking operations. Performs in high temperature applications, Chemical resistant and has Superior conformability




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