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Selectable Multi-Colour Light

  • Current model is white, green, red and infrared

  • These colours are changed by a simple toggle switch

  • Each half of the light sphere has a separate light control toggle switch

  • Other colours are available upon request

  • Selectable multi-colour light

The TSL Aerospace Technologies LED Marker Light is a 12 inch diameter multicolour, multi-use, air droppable marker currently in use with Canadian Forces Search and Rescue crews to mark rescue sites; for detection of wind drift; ground markers for SAR Tech parachute insertion and medical supply/equipment drop target zones.


Visible from 6,000 feet (12 nm with NVG – C130 flight deck) the marker, typically dropped under canopy in groups of three, provides an extremely bright visual reference for SAR aircraft to align and prepare for drops of para rescue teams and supplies to remote incident sites. It is a product designed for use in remote areas to mark targets and to assist in calculating wind drift for cargo or personnel


SAR Gen2 Charging System 


The Generation 2 SAR Marker Light Charging System incorporates features to improve the overall ease of operability, provide a more compact system and a system that can be left to charge and cycle off with operator pre-sets.


The Gen 2 system is designed to be used within the Transport Case or if desired, can be removed from the Transport Case and operated on a relatively flat surface for operation.

  • Charges 3 SAR Marker lights at a time 

  • Easy to place charging points, effectively allowing the user to charge systems and walk away. 

  • Timer provides charging options for 4, 6, 8 and 12 hours 

SAR Single Charging System 

The Single Induction charging unit is a portable charging system for the SAR Marker light. The single unit charges 1 dome and perfect for tight spaces and portability. Lightweight, this charging system is simple and effective way to charge the SAR Marker . 

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