Safety Streamer 




Hikers, boaters adventurers, pilots and many other outdoor activities turn tragic when a simple accident, or miscalculation by the individual or individuals occurs and help from Search and Rescue is required. Canada has made the move to work away from the potentially dangerous flares used as a signalling device and wants to answer the concerns of disposal, use and training of flares. These types of signals pose a significant danger to the user and the environment.

Hiking Path

ideal for water, land or snow 

Kayaking into Sunset

compact and lightweight 

Small Airplane

Universal SOS 

Aerial Boat Shot

Stays extended and afloat 


Our Streamer is a daylight signal we propose can be seen from no less than 500 feet above the surface of water or ground and can be readily detected by SAR or CASARA to spot the lost or endangered people. We see this as a consumer product that the individual wears (boaters) or carries in his kit (adventurers, pilots, hikers) to deploy for signalling their need for SAR assistance.